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Considering the well-being and health of people in mind, Dr Nabisar, Natural brings forth an assortment of Skin Care and Beauty, Hygiene products such as Skin Whitening Products, Anti Acne Cream, Anti Acne Kit, Anti Aging Serum, Medicated Lotion, Breast Enhancement Serum, Feminine Wash, Herbal Hair Care Products, Herbal Energy Booster Pills, Herbal Vagina Tightening Pills and Herbal Health Drink. We are a well-reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Malaysia. We only produce Halal products therefore our products are of high quality, effective, clean, safe and sold at an appropriate price. Our facility is GMP certified and all our products have clearances from Malaysian Ministry of Health. We also have Halal certification from Jakim Malaysia. We only use ingredients known for their goodness through scientific discovery for your wellbeing. We strictly forbid the use of unnecessary ingredients just to charge you extra because this is a non-halal practice. We use extracts from herbs and plants – root, bark, leaves and flowers known for their goodness for the wellbeing of everyone. Before we use these extracts in our formulation, we determine the functional values through scientific experiments. We combine these wonderful ingredients with advanced technology for better absorption, quick delivery and retained bioactivities for maximum value to your wellbeing. We always listen to your requirements and needs and continuously conduct research in producing enhanced products for ever demanding needs.